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Images from the 2020 MV20 & Amity Island Relay. All photos courtesy of Glenn Sauder. Thank you Glenn for sharing these wonderful images of our athletes. Glenn is represented by Island Art Gallery & Kennedy Studios. Click here to see more and to reach out to Glenn if you are interested in your image.

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2020 MV20

2020 MV20

MV20 Miler-1293

MV20 Miler-1289

MV20 Miler-1287

MV20 Miler-1285

MV20 Miler-1278

MV20 Miler-1276

MV20 Miler-1235

MV20 Miler-1220

MV20 Miler-1217

MV20 Miler-1191

MV20 Miler-1183

MV20 Miler-1177

MV20 Miler-1164

MV20 Miler-1156

MV20 Miler-1153

MV20 Miler-1152

MV20 Miler-1147

MV20 Miler-1060

MV20 Miler-1119

MV20 Miler-1096

MV20 Miler-1083

MV20 Miler-1066

MV20 Miler-1064

MV20 Miler-1063

MV20 Miler-1039

MV20 Miler-1030

MV20 Miler-1035

MV20 Miler-1027

MV20 Miler-1021

MV20 Miler-1016

MV20 Miler-1014

MV20 Miler-1019

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A point-to-point race that starts directly in front of the Steamship Authority Vineyard Haven terminal.


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